Friday, 1 April 2011

French pink glass salt cellar

I adore the gorgeous old French glass salt cellars and always use them when we are in France. You can still see them being used in restaurants everywhere.

This particular salt cellar is just the prettiest shade of peachy pink. I would say it is from the 1930s, the shape and the colour certainly point that way. It is in really nice condition, there is only the smallest nibble on the rim on one side.


suziqu's thread works said...

Oh this salt cellar is just gorgeous!
I have a collection of pink depression glass as it is my favourite
colour and is less common than most of the other colours apart from blue. I think it is the prettiest
by far!
Have a great weekend Liz,
Hugs, Suzy

Anonymous said...

Love this blog!! Im now a follower!Thanks for sharing your beautiful works with us all!.If you get a chance id love it if you checked out my blog, we have Vintage in common and i also usually give away freebies too!
Hugs June