Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Ok, yes, I am late again, lol

I know I said I would list some vintage French trims a few days ago, but it is sooooo hot, I don't have any energy left at all, once the garden has been watered, the vegetables picked etc. We did get a bit of a breeze this evening though, and the temps in the house are only in the high 20Cs right now ( 10pm ), so I listed a few of the trims -

Totally adorable vintage French Bébé baby trims, they are so cute

blue background -

sea green background -

white background -

Fabulous wide lacy gimp trim, my one and only 2 yard length -

and this really stunning dark silver grey vintage French woven trim -

I might have another go at listing some more trims tomorrow, if the weather is a little kinder. Toodlepip xxx