Tuesday, 9 December 2014

I've run out of steam!

Yep, you have probably guessed that already from the lack of posts, lol, I have definitely run out of steam. Not out of things to list, I still have many many little treasures, but just don't have the energy right now to list much. I put a couple of sweet fabric covered chocolate boxes in the shop today, thats it though -

This beautiful deep Burgundy red chocolate box - SOLD

and this golden tapestry covered chocolate box - SOLD

Toodlepip xxx

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Back again!

Ok, so I was AWOL for a couple of days, oops. Not quite sure what happened. But here I am again with a few more listings - 

Rich gold painted vintage French statue of St. Joseph - SOLD

Set of six English silver plated Art Deco design soup spoons - SOLD

Another pair of antique wooden printing blocks - SOLD

Ornate 'Souvenir de Mission' crucifix necklace - SOLD

And this most precious piece, a hand painted porcelain plaque of the Madonna and Child -

Toodlepip xxx

Monday, 1 December 2014

Just one

A tiny sweet little silver plate figure of a boy playing the lyre. Sooo romantic!

Toodlepip xxx

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Ladies Day part 2

It took me a while to get all the things I mentioned on the Lalaland blog listed and posted here. Darn. But here are the last 4 Ladies Day listings -

A sweet little silver plate bowl made to look like wicker work - SOLD

A second silver plate bowl, two handled oval shaped and so elegant - SOLD

A gorgeous 1920s PARIS powder bowl - SOLD

And this adorable vintage French tin with the sweetest blossom design and the prettiest pastel colours - SOLD

No idea yet what I am going to list tomorrow. If you can think of anything you would like to see, do let me know :-).

Toodlepip xxx

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Ladies Day part 1 1/2

I listed a few more things tonight -

The pretty alabaster lidded powder bowl - SOLD

Victorian hand painted paper mache powder box - SOLD

Two silver plate Victorian tea strainers, perhaps the start of a lovely new collection? SOLD

Been out Christmas shopping with two of my sons, so didn't get round to listing all the items I showed on the Lalaland blog yesterday. I'll have to leave them for tomorrow.

Toodlepip xxx

Friday, 28 November 2014

Ladies Day

Hush, don't say it, I know, I fell off the wagon, I didn't show anything yesterday! I broke my promise, bad me. I renewed a couple of things which had sold and which I had more of, and that was it. Too much to do, too grey and dark a day to take photos.
Today was ok for taking pics and I think I must have been in a bit of a romantic mood, as I picked feminine and pretty little things. Took so many pics that it took me most of the day to edit and package them up for weighing, lol, and then it was too late to list much. I did put three pretty little feminine things in the shop though, and the rest will be listed tomorrow. But you can have a preview on my main Lalaland blog, the photos were pretty so I showed them there as well.

Here are the three vintage pyjama/nightdress cases I listed tonight -

Round quilted silk nightie case - SOLD

Very prettily embroidered deep dusky raspberry nightie case - SOLD

Deeply padded and quilted rich pink pyjama case - SOLD

Look out for more pretty little trinkets tomorrow!
Toodlepip xxx

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Its Wednesday

I only have three offerings today. Firstly, there is this beautiful large silver metal figure of Christ on the Cross, without cross - SOLD

A large painted chalkware figure of the Sacred Heart Christ - SOLD

And something completely different, this antique French copper carriage warmer, the perfect pressie for a vintage car enthusiast -

Toodlepip xxx

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Today we have....

.... a few more vintage French bits and pieces of course.

A rather unusual snake handled wine tasting cup - SOLD

A plain and simple red velvet Holy Water font with a porcelain shell font -

Beautiful vintage French rosary with clear faceted beads - SOLD

Vintage French rosary with deep garnet red faceted glass beads - SOLD

I have also listed three antique French embroidery stamp rollers, all different. They'd make a great collection.
This is the more usual stamp roller with black wooden handle. Five stamps included- SOLD

This is the much rarer extra large stamp roller - SOLD

And this metal handled stamp roller is not easily found either - SOLD

A set of three 1950s French medical tall round tins - SOLD

I have also listed my last set of these dinky little French tart tins, they are so cute! - ALL SOLD NOW

Toodlepip xxx