Sunday, 29 September 2013

Recent listings

I thought you might like to see a few things I have recently listed in my Etsy shop -

I have one of the four GREY/GRAY inspiration packs left - ALL SOLD, but I am preparing more

Set of 4 vintage French copper kitchen canisters - SOLD

Another set of these fab quality professional French patisserie baking forms- ALL SETS SOLD

A second set of these fabulous vintage French pharmacy/apothecary bottles-

Gorgeous vintage French postage stamp box - SOLD

French pink rosette from the 1940s - SOLD

French red, blue and white OOAK rosette, 1942 - SOLD

Vintage French CICADA chocolate molds - BOTH SETS SOLD

More of this beautiful pink jacquard trim -

Vintage French buttons on original card -

Monogrammed snowy white vintage French kitchen tea towels - SOLD

Blue enamelled French house number - SOLD

Vintage French Spa glass - SOLD

Vintage French parcel carry handles - SOLD, MORE AVAILABLE,

Set of interlocking printers numbers 0 - 9 - SOLD

A few more things which will be listed tomorrow. Probably, lol. 
A really pretty antique French tin- SOLD

This is so rare, a 1920s/30s corset in its original Paris box - SOLD

Antique French porcelain door knobs -

Gorgeous set of SIX enamelware French kitchen canisters -

Plus, whatever else I'll have time to photograph, pack, weigh, write about.....

Have a wonderful week, toodlepip xxx