Sunday, 23 March 2014

Been listing again

I am trying to be good and list little treasures in my Etsy shop every few days. Here are the latest goodies to get onto the shop shelves -

A pair of the prettiest Spring colour double tassels ( only one shown ) - SOLD

Wine bottle carrier - SOLD

Amazing large tin shaped like an antique book - SOLD

blue/white speckled enamel coffee pot -

Delightful small tin shaped like an open book - SOLD

Ornate large upholstery tacks - ONLY TWO SETS LEFT

Small ornate upholstery tacks - all sets sold

Pack of three large vintage French linen/metis fabrics - SOLD

Set of ten vintage curtain clips/rings - SOLD

Set of 4 antique gilt finish door finger plates - SOLD

Beautiful red velvet Holy Water Font/benitier - SOLD

Unusual crucifix in a sea shell - SOLD

Pair of snowy white towels / torchons with red monogram -

Single white torchon/ tea towel with red monogram -

Vintage French office stamp holder - SOLD

Thank you so much for stopping by and having a look. Toodlepip xxx