Thursday, 14 June 2012

A few more listings

I didn't have as much time as I thought I would have to list things, but I did manage to list a few more recent finds.

Gorgeous antique French candlesticks - SOLD

This fabulous blue one is now SOLD -

More fabulous antique French skeleton keys - LOTS SOLD, some more available

The cutest little antique French opera glasses - SOLD

The perfect way to serve your chilled Chardonnay - NOW SOLD

or the perfect way to display your precious antique laces, lol -

WHITE shappy chic enamel soap dish -  SOLD

I also listed more embellishments kits - SOLD

You can find these little treasures HERE

Tomorrow I will be listing some superb French passementerie, trims, ombre ribbon, gorgeous old French velvet ribbons, some fabulous monogrammed linen sheets, oh, and perhaps some darling little French glass jars with buttons.

Until then, toodlepip xxx

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Long time no post

I am so happy that you haven't deserted me and are still here, even though I haven't posted anything on here during our stay in France. I will take me a long time to work out the French postal system and all the different option, thats why  I had decided to list new treasures once we were back in England. Well, now we are back, and I have indeed started listing some of the beautiful little treasures I found in France.  A few things, which I had shown on my blog,  had already gone before I had a chance to list them. But here are pics of the ones which have made it into the Etsy shop -


The beautiful pendant is SOLD - 
1 SOLD, 1 available -

The gothic arch is now SOLD

They are listed HERE in my Etsy shop, it is so much more convenient. I'll carry on listing for the next week or two, so please check back often to see whether there are any little treasures your heart desires.

Toodlepip xxx