Thursday, 11 October 2012

Off to France again

Not for very long though, just a week or so. But I am very happy to be going back to the cottage, and I'd like to pass a little bit of happiness on to you as well in the form of a 15% discount in my Etsy shop. So, if you have had your eye on something in the shop, this will help a little towards shipping costs for example. Just use Coupon Code FRANCE15 at the checkout!

A few things which will go into the Etsy over the next few days -

Set of two French towels - SOLD

Vintage French linen towels, set of two - SOLD

Gorgeous blue vintage alarm clock, German, bought in France, display only 

THE most beautiful set of six knives and forks, silver plated - SOLD

Fabulous door knocker in the shape of a knight in full armour - SOLD

Tiny little vintage French cake molds - SOLD

Amazing one of a kind antique flower seed scales in hand carved wooden box - SOLD

Vintage fluted oval tart tins, from France of course - SOLD

Set of three vintage French linen towels, fabulous quality - SOLD

Very old French oval tart tins 12cm long, set of 6- SOLD

Set of six vintage French tart tins, 9.5cm long -

Vintage aurora borealis crystal rosary, silver plated cross and connector- SOLD

Toodlepip xxx

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Whats new in the shop?

I need more hours in the day, I always seem to be behind with what I should be doing, like keeping you informed on here, for example. I get sidetracked too easily. I haven't listed all that much on Etsy either, I have been in a crafting mood, as you will have seen if you follow my main blog. And there are a few projects I haven't blogged about yet. But a few things have made it in ( and out of ) the Etsy shop ( )-

Stunning aurora borealis crystal bead rosary - SOLD

St. Therese plaque on red velvet - SOLD

Authentic French vine corkscrew - SOLD

Amazing architectural salvage piece from an enormous antique French clock -

Very tactile antique French coat ( and hat ) hook - SOLD

Silver and white French face powder box,  PARIS parfumerie -

Velvet covered scallop shell trimmed with metal thread braid and the sweetest tiny ribbon flowers - SOLD

Mixed media collage of  the Madonna and Child - SOLD

Fun French ephemera, small envelopes -

THE most delightful tea cosy, handmade French lace, beautifully soft light coral pink ruffle - SOLD

Large vintage French tin with a beautiful red and gold oriental theme and the prettiest inside, butterflies! - SOLD

Antique French two handled chopper -

And some which have already gone to new homes.
Two very large extraordinary rosaries - BOTH SOLD

A beautiful old French tin Bergamottes de Nancy - SOLD

and this gorgeous little box - SOLD

 as well as the N Y stamps - SOLD

I'll be listing some of the linens which I brought back from France over the next few days, linen towels, beautifully monogrammed sets of napkins/serviettes, and some very pretty vintage braids. I just need a nice bright day, grrr, its horridly grey and dank out there again today, no good for taking photographs.

Toodlepip xxx