Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Finally, brocante finds!

Oh my, I have so much catching up to do, I am way behind with taking and editing photos of all the beautiful little treasures I have found at brocantes and vide greniers in the last couple of weeks. I have a whole pile of pics for you today, and more to come in the next few days. A lot of these things will be finding their way into my Etsy shop, and hopefully they will find new homes soon. But some I just can't part with, they'll stay with me either here in our French cottage or in my craft room in the UK.

Without further ado, new treasures -

A very old and very beautiful Holy Communion wreath with separate "brooch" - SOLD

another, not quite so old Holy Communion wreath and "brooch" - SOLD

Gorgeous vintage wired beaded accessories ( came with the second wreath )

Fabulous paper border to edge the shelves in your armoire with- SOLD

I love this basket!!! -

A small cafe au lait bowl, perfect for a little girl, Very old, very worn, but oh so pretty-

Very vintage French grater - SOLD

Antique coat hook, so very tactile- SOLD

The tiniest little white gloves, so adorable- SOLD

I have very small hands, and I can only just get two fingers in, they are that small.

These cone shaped antique French confiture/jelly jars are incredibly hard to find, and if you are lucky enough to find one, the vendors know how rare they are and price them accordingly. But I had to have one-

Aorable French fabric covered chocolate boxes, both have their original matching ribbons inside. I love storing lacy bits, hankies etc in them- SOLD

Antique French cross and holy water font, soft and gentle moss green velvet- SOLD

Gothic arch with silvered Lourdes scene. If I keep it, I'll paint the wood a creamy white- SOLD

I love love love these 1920s French enamel kitchen canisters, great design, great colours and really great condition-

Antique French clay marbles - SOLD

A humble plastic figure of the Virgin Mary, but no less beautiful for that -  SOLD

I love this Holy Water font with a Lourdes image, the intricate metalwork is so pretty- SOLD

A handful of gorgeous little bits and pieces for mixed media collages-

Magnificent religious statue of the child Jesus giving his blessing- SOLD

Mother of pearl child's rosary- SOLD

Sweet little bonbon tin- SOLD

Another top favourite, antique French enamel salt box - SOLD

Huge French damask napkins from the 40s, monogrammed BB -

This little darling stole my heart, a real shell covered in deep red velvet, trimmed with antique metal braid and with the sweetest little ribbon embroidery flowers - SOLD

Taking the Waters - Spa glass in carry basket - SOLD

Antique French two-handled chopper, love using those -

The sweetest little earrings -

The most stylish 1930s Art Deco coat hooks, could be straight out of Poirot's apartment, lol -

Tiny envelopes, nicely printed -

Serene Madonna plaque, medal on red velvet - SOLD

Gorgeous little silk lined jewellery box - SOLD

Tiny little French dictionary, so cute and perfect for little tags etc -

I love the colour of this French soap dish!!! - SOLD

Phew, I am worn out now, lol! And there is more to come, lots of fabulous vintage braids, for example. And lace, oh my, those laces..........

I'll be starting to list some of these treasures in my Etsy shop very soon, and I will try my best to photograph, edit and show more finds. Very soon. Promise. Yikes.

Until then, toodlepip xxx