Friday, 22 November 2013

There is hope for me yet, lol

I am getting a little more organised, a tiny little bit only, but it seems it has encouraged me to list new little treasures in Etsy shop a bit more frequently. Or perhaps it is just because the Ashes cricket tour of Australia is on at the moment, and I am desperately trying to stay awake until midnight to watch the start of the 2nd day of the 1st Test match. Hm. ;-)

These things are new in the shop -

Great enamelware candlestick, unusual shape and gorgeous ombre blue - SOLD

A charming vintage French velvet Holy Water font/ benitier - SOLD

The sweetest shell pink milk glass French rosary - SOLD

Infant of Prague vintage chaplet/single decade rosary - SOLD

Magnificent silver metal statue of the Virgin Mary - SOLD

Vintage Lourdes postcard booklet - SOLD

Beautifully turned wood treen antique needle case - SOLD

Thats all for tonight. Cricket is about to start, yay!

Toodlepip xxx

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Just listed

I am trying, I really am, to be a better shop keeper and stock the shelves more frequently. So here is what I have listed today -

Beautiful and wearable 1891 French crucifix/cross - SOLD

Antique French school atlas from the late 1800s with lots of maps - SOLD, another one available

Vintage French nun's or monk's HUGE rosary - SOLD

Set of TWELVE vintage French silver plate teaspoons - SOLD

Vintage postcard booklet of Versailles and the Trianons - SOLD

Delightful vintage French rosary, tiny warm yellow faceted tiny glass beads- SOLD

Vintage French corkscrew - SOLD

Vintage French statue of Saint Antoine de Pardoue - SOLD

Antique French apothecary/pharmacy tin in the shape of a book - SOLD

More to come tomorrow, or maybe even tonight. I am trying to stay up so that I can watch the start of the first Ashes match in Australia. Arrgghhh! Not sure I'll manage it, but it gives me a chance to list a couple more things.

Toodlepip xxx

Monday, 18 November 2013

Slowly stocking the shelves again

I don't know what I do with my time, I never seem to have enough to get everything done. Here are a few items I have recently added to the Etsy shop -

Aqua and white French lunch pail - SOLD

Ombre caramel brown lunch pail - SOLD

Sunny yellow lunch pail - SOLD

Antique French curtain clips  ( 3 sets of 6 available )- ALL SETS SOLD

Fabulous 24 piece monogrammed silver plate cutlery/flatware set -  SOLD

Vintage English cookie/biscuit tin, delightful cornflower design - SOLD

THE most beautiful antique French carved wood and gilt filigree crucifix Holy Water font - SOLD

Antique French Madonna shrine -

Art Nouveau design Boissier chocolate tin - SOLD

Most unusual Jeanne d'Arc plaque and thermometer - SOLD

Beautiful Holy  Water font with dove - SOLD

Set of 6 six vintage English silver plate soup spoons - SOLD

Toodlepip xxx