Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Long time no see!

My poor blog has been neglected for ages. All the things going on with Etsy had put a stop to any activity from me. First there was the shipping test disaster, which went on for ages, and then there were so many different shop front tests that people didn't know whether they were coming or going. I couldn't face listing amidst all that uncertainty, but as I am now out of most of the tests, I had to get on with it. Brocante finds are kind of piling up in the cottage and the cottage is only small :-) !

Haven't gotten very far yet, but here are the links to a few listings I put up tonight -

Teapot shaped silver plate napkin holder - SOLD
Within minutes it had been put into a treasury.

Vintage French Holy Water font - SOLD

French Art Deco chocolate tin - SOLD

1920s handmade OOAK desk ink blotter - SOLD

Ok, I am sorry, gals, but I got to rant. Just as I was about to list another item ( at 1am in the morning ), I find myself in the horrible storefront test AGAIN!! And this time it is worse than ever, there are certain features missing which are essential. I just want to give up, I could cry right now.

All other things I was going to show you are back on hold............