Saturday, 15 May 2010

Superb Antique French Pillowcases

Anything fabricy (especially old linens and antique/vintage fabrics) has always been my first love. Antique French bed- and table linens are just about the most beautiful pieces you can get. These pillowcases are truly exquisite. They measure approx. 80cm square including the trim ( approx. 69cm square inner measurement ).

The trim is beautiful. Completely hand stitched whitework embroidery in a gorgeous deeply scalloped design. But thats not all. The monogram ( approx 7cm high ) is absolutely fabulous. It is worked with the finest thread and is incredibly dainty. The pillowcases fasten with mother-of-pearl buttons of course. I have two matching pillowcases available.

What's in the box?

What could possibly be in this rather tatty faux crocodile skin box? A necklace? No. A carving set perhaps? Closer, but no. Cutlery? Yes, spot on! This is a set of 6 very early Pradel knives, and they are so handsome. The handles seem to be very early bakelite ( but I am no expert ) and have such fabulous rich colouring. Between handle and blade is a silver metal collar ( honestly can't tell you what sort of metal it is or whether it is silver plated or not ).

French Drawer Plates

When I saw these, I immediately thought multi media collages! Aren't they just fabulous? So intricate and fancy, with just a hint of the original gilding left on some of them. I am keeping a couple for myself for when I am venturing into multi media collages ( gulp ), but I have two sets of 3 of these which can go to a new home to become part of something wonderful.

Set of 3 French drawer plates - BOTH SETS SOLD, THANK YOU!

Amtique French Gilded Handles

These are so pretty, with their remnants of the original gilding, the lovely shape and fanciful design. They are approx. 3inches wide (7 1/2 cm). Perfect for multi media projects. Set of 5.

Antique French Keys

Isn't it amazing how many different designs there are? I have quite a few keys and no two are the same. Either the beard is different or the top or the size, quite fascinating. I love displaying these beautiful old keys in a bowl, I also have some mounted in a frame on the wall, and they are pretty fab for all sorts of multi media projects.


Vintage French Ink Stand

Looking at the cars in the L'Arc de Triomphe picture, the lovely font on it and the design of the writing implement rest, I would say this was from the 1920s/1930s. You really can't get much more French than this. A model of the Louvre in the middle, pictures of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe on the ink wells. Quite heavy metal with a gorgeous bronze finish. Both ink wells have have their little removable inners. Approx. 21 1/2cm (8 1/2 inches) wide and approx 10cm ( 4inches ) high. SOLD, THANK YOU!

Vintage French Ribbon FRib2

This vintage French ribbon is not quite as old as the other one I have listed. The colours are a little brighter and deeper. The ribbon is wider as well, approx. 5cm ( 2 inches ).

You can see the difference in the second photo. 3mtr length 

Vintage French Ribbon FRib1

This vintage ribbon is so beautifully soft with age, very tactile indeed. The colours are ever so gently faded, which gives them a softness only age can achieve. The ribbon is approx. 3cm ( 1 1/4 inch ) wide. 3mtr length