Friday, 12 November 2010

The neutral collection of antique French ticking fabrics

I have cut into my stash of gorgeous antique French ticking fabrics again to bring you these fabric packs, NEUTRALS, so perfect for all of you who loves shades of white, beige, grey.

There are 4 pieces of fabric included in each pack, all packs approx the same size -

Cream floral and stripe ticking, approx. 65cm x 50cm

Grey and cream cornflower and ribbon striped ticking - 75cm x 50cm

Shades of grey striped ticking fabric - 85cm x 65cm
This fabric has some tiny areas of broken threads/miniscule holes where the buttons had been attached with that rather thick thread. To make up for the couple of faults you may have in your piece, I have made this a bit bigger

Grey rose ticking fabric - 60cm x 50cm

Which side do you prefer? I can't chose, both are just beautiful. This fabric seems to change colour with different light conditions. From silver grey, over a kind of Gustavian grey to the most delicious grey with the tiniest hint of lavender -


Antique French Ticking Fabric pack £ 20.50 Intl. shipping £ 6.50 ( Europe and UK will receive appropriate refund )

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Ephemera packs

I have had so much fun messing around with paper, glue and scissors lately. Finding old books with beautifully aged pages, gorgeous old music scores, old diaries and ledgers, making collages and gift tags with these lovely old bits is such a pleasure. Perhaps some of you would like to give it a go as well. I have put together a big pack of vintage French and English ephemera, the kind of stuff I use all the time.

In the pack are -

3 large blank ledger pages from a Victorian ledger
4 pages with lots of lovely writing from a 1954 French diary
1 very vintage French paper bag, printed with the logo of a shop in Luzy ( long gone now )
1 small thick French paper bag, plain
4 pages from a 1911 Larousse dictionary, with illustrations
3 French Tarot cards, 1 number, 1 figure, 1 pretty scene
3 large sheet music pages
3 smaller sheet music pages
3 1970s Bingo booklets
1 piece beautiful floral vintage wallpaper border, approx 14 x 9.5 inches
1 landlord's rent receipt from the 1940s
1 Insurance Co. premium receipt from the 1940s, with stamp
2 pages from a milkman's weekly order book ( sigh, those were the days when the milk got delivered to your door step in glass bottles )
3 pages from a French play, 1888
3 vintage English Christmas postage stamps
1 vintage English tea card
1 vintage Lexicon (letter) card

These are all originals, not copies. They'll be tied with a 1m length of French lace or ribbon.
I have 4 packs available. The contents of each pack will basically be the same but of course will vary slightly as all items are orignals. If you have any special request for the lexicon card letter, for example, do let me know and I'll see whether I can help.


Wednesday, 3 November 2010


I have a large box of buttons, most of them are loose vintage buttons, rescued from old tins at French vide greniers, some from English car boot sales, but some are on their original cards, which I really love. The ones I am listing today came from various vide greniers in France, collected during the summer ( seems such a long time ago, sigh ).

Vintage French Turquoise Buttons on Original Card - TBA

Intense turquoise colour. Approx 2.5cm diameter.


Vintage French Turquoise Button on Original Card - TBB

Same colour and shape as above, but slightly large at 3cm diameter.


Vintage French Buttons on Original Card - FBSG

The buttons are approx 3.5cm across, fabulous shimmering deep green colour.


Vintage French Buttons on Original Card - FBsmG

Approx. 3cm across, lovely shimmering green colour.

12 vintage French buttons on original card.

Sold, thank you


Vintage French Buttons on Original Card - FBFY

Approx. 2.8cm across, and a lovely sunny yellow. Very sweet design on the raised rim.

Vintage French Buttons on Original Card - FBDB

Beautiful rich deep blue buttons, approx 3.5cm across.


Vintage French Buttons on Original Card - FBMOG

Gorgeous deep moss/olive green colour, approx. 3cm across.


Vintage French Buttons on Original Card - FBBCH

Delicious chocolaty/bronzy colour, and the shape reminds me of Rolos, lol. Approx. 2.3cm across.

Vintage French Buttons on Original Card - FBO

Approx. 2.5cm across, lovely soft oatmeal/beige colour.


Vintage French Buttons on Original Card - FBLYL

These buttons are almost translucent, probably Lucite, and measure approx 2.8cm across. Gorgeous yellow colour.


Vintage French Buttons on Original Card - FBLYsm

As above, but slightly smaller at 2.2cm across.


And I was very lucky to find another card of these precious glass buttons on card!

Very old French Glass Buttons on Original Card - FBGL



Saturday, 23 October 2010

PARIS EIFFEL TOWER Gift Tags/Bookmarks

I had so much fun making the Eiffel Tower gift tag yesterday, I made a few more! Once they have fulfilled their task as a gift tag, they can then be used as a bookmark.

I have two slightly different sets of 3 available. Each tag/bookmark is embellished with vintage French lace, antique French ticking fabric and a print of the Eiffel Tower from my own collection of postcards. Both the print and the tag itself are aged with chalk inks.

Paris Tags Set 1


Paris Tags Set 2

Friday, 22 October 2010

Gorgeous Antique French Ticking Fabric

I was getting some of my antique French ticking fabric out for a couple of fabric collages and lavender hearts I am making, and so enjoyed the feel of it, the beautiful old patterns and colours. And I thought some of you might like some for your collages as well. I almost talked myself out of listing some pieces on here, because it is sooo difficult nowadays to find the beautiful old ticking in France. But then that little voice in my head kept telling me that I need to let go of things, I need to cut down on stuff because next year we will be moving to a much smaller house, the cottage in France ( which is almost full of treasures already, sigh ).

I have put a couple of packs together, with my most precious ticking fabrics. The striped ones are 19th C. ticking fabric from hand made mattresses, the pink damask ticking fabric is early 20th C, again from a handmade mattress. These fabrics are strong and so beautiful. They are not absolutely perfect, after all, they are a lot older than we are, lol, but they are in very good condition. A little bit of fading, stitching holes where the fabric threads have pulled apart a little where the thick thread went through ( that often corrects itself after it has been laundered a couple of times ). One small hole in the red striped ticking fabric in pack 1.

French Antique Ticking Fabric Pack 1

Fabric 1 - cornflower and wheat ear with ribbon, beautifully elegant grey - 75cm x 50cm

Fabric 2 - A very soft cream stripe ticking - 80cm x 33cm
Classic 19thC red striped ticking fabric - 53cm x 39/50 cm
Deliciously pink damask ticking fabric, I don't know which side I like better, sigh., this piece is 80cm x 50cm



Antique French Ticking Fabric Pack 2

This pack has a piece of my most favourite ticking ever, this beautiful red and grey 19th C damask stripe. Isn't it just gorgeous? It measures 65cm x 50cm

The other three fabrics in the pack are the same as in Pack 1 - this piece is 75cm x 50cm

This piece is 65cm x 50cm

This piece is 80cm x 50cm


Parting with some more French treasures

Funny little things these, aren't they? They are parcel carrying handles! In the good ole days before plastic carrier bags, purchases were wrapped up in a parcel, tied up with string, and these little handles would be attached to the string to make it easier for the customer to carry the purchase. Of course, the stores had their names and addresses printed on them. Good way to advertise. Isn't that a neat idea? These are French and date back to the early 1900s, but I remember when I was a very little girl, going shopping with my grandmother in Germany ( late 50s that would be ) and carrying a package with a handle like that.

I have used these to hang lavender bags from, and at the moment I am working on a fabric collage to hang from one of these handles. They are absolutely ideal for small fabric hangings.

I have 4 sets of three handles available, each set contains at least 1 parcel carrying handle from PARIS!

French Parcel Carrying Handle FPCH1
Set FPCH1 - £10.00 Postage £2.00 ( UK £1.00 refunded ) SOLD, THANK YOU!

French Parcel Carrying Handle FPCH2
Set FPCH2 - £10.00 Postage £2.00 ( UK £1.00 refunded ) SOLD, THANK YOU!

French Parcel Carrying Handle FPCH3
Set FPCH3 - £10.00 Postage £2.00 ( UK £1.00 refunded ) SOLD, THANK YOU

French Parcel Carrying Handle FPCH4
One of the handles is blank, so can can stamp it and make it totally unique.
Set FPCH4 - £10.00 Postage £2.00 ( UK £1.00 refunded ) SOLD, THANK YOU

Toodlepip, xxx

Monday, 27 September 2010

Vintage French Red Rose Trim - NOW SOLD

This is so pretty! The very fine fabric is almost sheer and the beautiful roses and scalloping are very fine, velvety flock. First time ever I have found a trim like this in France.This rare trim is a tad under 60cm long and approx 10 1/2cm deep. Would make some very special little sachets indeed.