Friday, 22 October 2010

Parting with some more French treasures

Funny little things these, aren't they? They are parcel carrying handles! In the good ole days before plastic carrier bags, purchases were wrapped up in a parcel, tied up with string, and these little handles would be attached to the string to make it easier for the customer to carry the purchase. Of course, the stores had their names and addresses printed on them. Good way to advertise. Isn't that a neat idea? These are French and date back to the early 1900s, but I remember when I was a very little girl, going shopping with my grandmother in Germany ( late 50s that would be ) and carrying a package with a handle like that.

I have used these to hang lavender bags from, and at the moment I am working on a fabric collage to hang from one of these handles. They are absolutely ideal for small fabric hangings.

I have 4 sets of three handles available, each set contains at least 1 parcel carrying handle from PARIS!

French Parcel Carrying Handle FPCH1
Set FPCH1 - £10.00 Postage £2.00 ( UK £1.00 refunded ) SOLD, THANK YOU!

French Parcel Carrying Handle FPCH2
Set FPCH2 - £10.00 Postage £2.00 ( UK £1.00 refunded ) SOLD, THANK YOU!

French Parcel Carrying Handle FPCH3
Set FPCH3 - £10.00 Postage £2.00 ( UK £1.00 refunded ) SOLD, THANK YOU

French Parcel Carrying Handle FPCH4
One of the handles is blank, so can can stamp it and make it totally unique.
Set FPCH4 - £10.00 Postage £2.00 ( UK £1.00 refunded ) SOLD, THANK YOU

Toodlepip, xxx

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Barbara Jean said...

These are great!!
Tell me about them. what are they for??

barbara jean