Monday, 27 September 2010

Vintage French Red Rose Trim - NOW SOLD

This is so pretty! The very fine fabric is almost sheer and the beautiful roses and scalloping are very fine, velvety flock. First time ever I have found a trim like this in France.This rare trim is a tad under 60cm long and approx 10 1/2cm deep. Would make some very special little sachets indeed.

3 19th C French Petticoats, Broderie Anglaise trim

Whitework embroidery is my favourite kind of embroidery, and handmade broderie anglaise is at the very very top of the list. I was so lucky to find three stunning 19th C petticoats with the most amazing broderie anglaise work. I can't even begin to figure out how many hours of work have gone into creating this beautiful work. The petticoats are of course handmade and one-offs, you'll never find the same again. It is actually the first time in over 7 years at vide greniers in France that I have found petticoats like this.

Petticoat 1 FP1

Beautifully full, handmade one-off 19th C French petticoat with a fabulous handmade broderie anglaise trim. The stitching is a mixture of hand sewing and early sewing machine sewing. The broderie anglaise trim is in fantastic condition, just the tiniest bits of loss of thread on some of the scalloped edge and one small 1" tear. The embroidery is 7cm deep and a whopping 3m long!

It seems like accres of very fine cotton fabric have gone into this petticoat. I found 1 darn and a few small holes, but they are not very noticable at all, and the petticoat is very wearable. Also looks rather fabulous displayed in your boudoir, lol, or remove the beautiful trim and make something fabulous with it.


Worldwide postage - £5.20 ( UK less £2.70, Europe less £2 )

Petticoat 2 FP2

The broderie anglaise trim is a massive 2.55m long. The whole trim is approx 20cm wide, with the actual embroidery being 10cm. Very fine work indeed and in fabulous condition, there are just a very few tiny areas of loss of stitching on the scallop edging. Rather hard to spot.

The very finely woven cotton fabric has a couple of small darns and some tiny holes. Because of the fullness of the petticoat, they are not immediately noticable, and the petticoat is still wearable ( waist is adjustable ). If you don't want to wear it or display it, then take off the beautiful broderie anglaise trim and use it to make something wonderful!


worldwide postage - £4.50 ( UK less £2, Europe less £1.50)

Petticoat 3 FP3

I think this is probably my favourite of the three, I just love the broderie anglaise trim, the way the sweet little flowers and leaves trail up. The whole trim just seems so, well, balanced, I suppose. It is 19cm wide, the actual embroidery is approx 12 1/2 cm wide and approx 2 1/2 metres long, and just gorgeous. Condition is very good, a little loss on the scallop edging and one old darn where the broderie anglaise lace had torn and had been stitched together again, like a little seam.

The cotton fabric has suffered a little more though. There are two small tears like this,

a few tiny holes and the fabric has torn down a bit at the side split. That could easily be hemmed though to just continue the hemming on the side split.

worldwide postage - £ 5.00 ( UK less £2.50, Europe less £2.00 )

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Wide Vintage French Lace Bundle VFLW

3 1m lengths of vintage French lace. approx. 5 1/2 cm wide.


Vintage French Lace 5m, VFLCARD

This is a particularly nice, good quality vintage French lace. The lace is 1 1/2cm wide, length is just a little under 5m. Somebody along the line of owners had wound the lace onto this little bit of cardboard. I thought it was so pretty, I wound it all back on again after measuring the length of the lace!

Vintage French Lace Bundle VFLC3 - SOLD

Vintage French Lace Bundle VFLC2

3 1m lengths of vintage French lace, widths between 1 and 2cm


Vintage French Lace Bundle VFLC1 - SOLD

Vintage French Lace Bundle VFLN1 - SOLD

I have put 5 1m lengths of narrow vintage lace into this bundle. Two are made with silk thread, according to the person I bought them from. The very pale shell pink lace and the dusty pink lace are 1930s. I have three bundles available.