Monday, 27 September 2010

Vintage French Red Rose Trim - NOW SOLD

This is so pretty! The very fine fabric is almost sheer and the beautiful roses and scalloping are very fine, velvety flock. First time ever I have found a trim like this in France.This rare trim is a tad under 60cm long and approx 10 1/2cm deep. Would make some very special little sachets indeed.


Anneke said...

wow, this is so lovely and delicate.
the red colors are gorgeous on the lace

Kirsty said...

yes... soo pretty

Romeo said...

Eeeekkk! Liz! Put that away - don't let "her" see it! It is too beautiful for "her".

I must tell you that I too am having a heck of a time trying to figure out the postage thing. I only want to charge the actual postage but trying to figure it out....well heck I could catch a piranha easier. Bet if a cat was running the postal system there would be these problems!

Before I go I want to thank you for pleading my case - I am now free and went outside today for a bit. No piles of leaves yet, but a few leaves are falling. I can't wait to brush up on my pile diving....I'll give you a call and maybe we could practice together!