Monday, 15 April 2013

More little treasures in the shop

Finally, after having had to postpone our departure to France for a couple of weeks, we have booked out crossing for Wednesday. And I have been busy photographing, measuring, packing and listing some more beautiful little treasures to keep the shop going while Andy and I are in France. I am so lucky to have our youngest son still living at home, he will post out any orders which come in. Bless him. Ok, so here is whats gone into the shop in the last couple of days and what is going into the shop tonight and tomorrow -

Can I start with my favourite? I just adore this vintage French oyster ( or apple ) basket - SOLD

The second set of stunning antique French silver plate cutlery ( first one has gone to a lovely new home already ) - BOTH SETS SOLD

French metal fleur de lis plate -

French Art Nouveau tin - SOLD

A PAIR of antique French coat hooks - SOLD

Vintage English baking tray with ivy leaf and sea shell designs - SOLD

Vintage French tart tins - SOLD, more available

Vintage English "Nutbrown" mini cake moulds (molds) - SOLD

Collection of cream trims on tag - SOLD

Vintage English silver plate trivet/ teapot stand - SOLD

Vintage French collapsible egg collecting basket - SOLD

Vintage French collapsible fisherman's basket - SOLD

A couple of gorgeous green vintage French trims -

Vintage French corkscrew -

Another set of antique French curtain clips - SOLD

Vintage French benitier ( Holy water font ) -

Set of three vintage French apothecary/pharmacy glass bottles - SOLD, but more available

Art Deco plaque of Notre Dame de Sion - SOLD

Vintage French plaque St. Therese - SOLD

Antique French rosary, with tiny silver medals between decades -

Very large tin with beautiful pastoral scene by Boucher -

Great laundry room display, antique French laundry/wash dolly -

A few French wine tasting cups, great barware or gift for a wine lover -

Vintage English Workbox confectionery tin -

Boxed set vintage English grapefruit spoons and knife - SOLD

Sweet small vintage French Madonna statue -

And last but not last, a beautiful vintage French metal plaque of St. Therese, delicately framed -

As I said at the beginning, some are already listed, some will be listed tonight, and some more tomorrow. Inbetween packing for our couple of months in France. Yikes. This is the link to my Etsy shop.

Toodlepip xxx