Thursday, 4 June 2015

Three more

I know, quite pathetic really, lol, but we had so much on today! So, here are the three listings -

Set of 4 vintage French postcards with envelopes -

Vintage French passementerie, woven trim in gorgeous purpley plummy mauvey colour - 1 SOLD, more available

and this fabulous mid Century boxed set of 12 French cake forks -


Toodlepip xxx

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

I have started unpacking!

Only small things so far, but those were the things I came across first. And here is what I have listed in my Etsy show today -

A trio of vintage French fine Mouline threads in grey, taupe and beige, tied together with vintage French seam binding - SOLD, another one available

Vintage French shelf trim, red embroidered children playing sports -

Exquisite antique French baby bonnet, so dainty and beautifully made -

Set of three vintage French red striped monogrammed tea towels -

A sweet little crocheted baby bonnet from France -

A pair of vintage French black crochet gloves - SOLD

Vintage French gloves case/pouch embroidered with butterflies -

A set of three blue and white vintage French storage tins, octagonal shape - SOLD

and an oh so tactile and smooth antique French treen needle case / thread holder - SOLD

More, much much more, to come!

Toodlepip xxx

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Back in the UK with some brocante finds!

We are back in the UK for a little while so I will try and list lots of brocante finds for you :-).

Here are some which I have already listed in the shop -

A pair of mid century soft leather gloves with such a sweet 'daisy' detail - SOLD

A set of six shallow small brass bowls, perfect for individual place settings, for tea lights, a small blossom, candy etc - SOLD

A gorgeous narrow jacquard woven French ribbon in a lovely shade of light terracotta in 2m lenghts -

A beautiful vintage milk glass rosary with a surprise in the back - SOLD

Some rather lovely vintage monogrammed tea towels, this is the first set listed -

You are my No. 1! Unusual green vintage French house number -

A set of three antique French iron keys, two of which are enormous! - SOLD

A set of two huge antique iron keys - SOLD

and a single, over 6 inches long 19th Century iron key - SOLD

Last but definitely not least, this beautiful, very pale blue milk glass bead rosary - SOLD

If all goes according to plan, there will be more items in the shop tomorrow.

Toodlepip xxx