Friday, 16 April 2010

French Antiques - Religious Plaque

This is the second plaque, and its stunning. The raised, slightly domed image is srrounded by a metal trim, the surround is faux tortoise shell, on metal, size approx 14 1/2 cm or 5 3/4 inches.

£18.00 + £3.25 p&p anywhere - SOLD, THANK YOU

Antqiue French Religious Plaque

I was really lucky to find two fabulous, very old religious plaques on my last visit to our cottage in France.

Notre Dame de Sion, hung on point, faux animal print surround with gilded oval surrounding the image, on metal, approx/ 14 1/2 cm or 5 3/4 inches

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

French antiques and vintage stuff

Would you believe there wasn't a single vide greniers on during our ten day stay in our cottage in France. I certainly couldn't believe it, I was so sure that over Easter there would be loads. Nope, nothing was happening in our area at all. So I just had to go to a little brocante in the nearest big town to satisfy my cravings. I didn't buy much, because I am running out of room in both homes now, lol. But even those few bits seem to be too much. So they will be listed on here over the next couple of days, and hopefully will go to a lovely new home. For me, the finding, haggling and buying is the real fun of it all, so I don't mind too much if I have to part with a few things.

I also REALLY need to seriously trim down my many collection and HAVE to start listing antique and vintage treasures which I have had for many years. I have been avoiding it for far too long, I know. You have to make me, give me a kick up the butt, shout at me, whatever it takes, otherwise I'll just find excuses for hanging on.

Here are a few teaser pics of what I brought back on the weekend -