I want to make buying from me as easy as possible, and therefore I am listing everything in my Etsy shop now. Easier to add the different shipping costs, no chance of me not removing a bought item and somebody else trying to buy it, etc etc. So from time to time I will use this blog to show you the new things I have listed, to keep you up to date.

Friday, 26 September 2014

A few new things

I know, I am so terribly slow at listing and posting. But here are a few things which have recently gone into my Etsy shop.

Beautiful home decor for the Fall season, copper bowl -

A gift set for a wine lover -

Antique French velvet benitier/Holy Water font -

Vintage French absinthe spoon - SOLD, but more available

Set of 6 vintage French tart tins - SOLD

Huge fabric collage inspiration kit -

Vintage French animal shape chocolate molds -

Set of six vintage French chocolate molds -

Fabulous faux metal French chocolate box - SOLD

Set of 2 vintage Koh-I-Noor boxes -

Gorgeous vintage French Spa glass in basket -

Antique chalkware plaque of Jesus Christ -

Set of two vintage French cheese molds -

Huge French monk's rosary -

Beautiful colour! Aqua enamelware vintage French lunch pail - SOLD

There are probably some I have missed, and I will list more over the next few days. 

Wishing you all a great weekend,
toodlepip xxx

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Listing again

Testing still goes on and on at Etsy, but I can't ignore my little shop any longer, I need to replace sold items with new finds. So, I have been photographing and measuring, and later on today I'll start packaging up and weighing, and then tonight and tomorrow I'll list some new things, yay!

These are the lovely things I will be listing -

A boxed silver plate carving set, marked PARIS -

Set of lace making bobbins ( 2 sets ) - ALL SOLD

Wicker covered glass bottle with porcelain top -

Mid Century aluminium cups, fab for industrial look -

Sweet little small rosary bracelet ( 2 decades ) -

Fascinating brooch -

Huge professional chocolatier chocolate mold - SOLD

Statue of Sacret Heart Christ -

Pair of fabulous French hat and coat hooks ( 2 pairs )-

Cute little vintage leather coin purse -

Blue and white enamel cross shaped brooch pin -

Melt-your-heart Paris Canine Society plaque - Just look at those two doggies! -

Dachshund shaped silver plate knife rests, dang they are cute ( 2 sets )- 1 SET SOLD, 1 AVAILABLE

 Beautiful little Holy Water Font with dove - SOLD

Fabulous completely hand made music booklet - 

Pair of heavy quality ornate gilt bronze handles -

Sweet little child's suitcase -

Fabulous small leather bound red suitcase in fantastic condition - SOLD, and starring in a theatre production!

Absolutely gorgeous Parisien chocolate box - SOLD

Large Eau de Cologne perfume bottle with original labels - 

Mid Century French rosary with gilded textured beads - SOLD

Vintage rosary with faceted clear glass beads -

Beautiful round fabric covered chocolate box - 

Very unusual vintage French Stations of the Cross rosary-

Boxed set of twelve shellfish ( or perhaps melon ) knives with the most delightful salmon coloured handles -

Serene statue of the Virgin Mary -

Small leather wallet with ornate monogram A H or H A -

Paris Notre Dame ashtray / pin dish -

Magnificent large cross/crucifix in flame mahogany -

Antique French studded mortar and pestle in ebonised wood - SOLD

That'll keep me busy for a while! I'll add links here as I list.

Toodlepip xxx

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Long time no see!

My poor blog has been neglected for ages. All the things going on with Etsy had put a stop to any activity from me. First there was the shipping test disaster, which went on for ages, and then there were so many different shop front tests that people didn't know whether they were coming or going. I couldn't face listing amidst all that uncertainty, but as I am now out of most of the tests, I had to get on with it. Brocante finds are kind of piling up in the cottage and the cottage is only small :-) !

Haven't gotten very far yet, but here are the links to a few listings I put up tonight -

Teapot shaped silver plate napkin holder - SOLD
Within minutes it had been put into a treasury.

Vintage French Holy Water font - SOLD

French Art Deco chocolate tin -

1920s handmade OOAK desk ink blotter -

Ok, I am sorry, gals, but I got to rant. Just as I was about to list another item ( at 1am in the morning ), I find myself in the horrible storefront test AGAIN!! And this time it is worse than ever, there are certain features missing which are essential. I just want to give up, I could cry right now.

All other things I was going to show you are back on hold............

Saturday, 24 May 2014

What is Etsy up to???

A few days ago I was preparing a custom listing, went to check the details and to my absolute horror, the shipping prices had disappeared from the shipping tag in the listing. I thought I had done something terribly wrong, redid everything, with the same result, no shipping charges were showing. The customer bought the items, and it was only then when I looked at the invoice that I was sure that the correct shipping had been applied. WTF was going on? Eventually I went to the forums and only then found out that Etsy was testing. Without informing anybody beforehand. A random selection of buyers/sellers were now unable to see the shipping costs upfront under the shipping label, and nobody was told that you now had to put your items into your shopping cart in order to find out the shipping charges. ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!! Shipping costs are an important part of any purchase, especially for international transactionS, so what the heck  are they doing making it so difficult for customers to find out shipping costs? I am in the same test myself, I can't see shipping charges on my listings, I can't see them on anybody else's listings either. Incredibly frustrating when you are looking for supplies for example. Many sellers on Etsy carry very similar supplies, ie beads, and to compare their shipping costs, you would have to place each and every item from each and every seller in your shopping cart, compare, delete, add more, compare, delete etc etc. WHAT A RIDICULOUS WASTE OF TIME!!! There are thousands of comments, 99% negative regarding this issue on Etsy.

I have no idea which potential customers can see my shipping charges under the shipping tag and which customers will be totally perplexed by seeing a heading 'SHIPPING' without any shipping details at all. Apart from charges you also cannot see which countries I ship to, where I ship from etc etc.

So, if you are looking at my shop, and can't see shipping charges under SHIPPING, I am not being devious and hiding them because I want to make a killing on overcharging you, it is because Etsy thinks it is a good idea. 

I am so frustrated. As a seller, I feel awful for customers getting confused and leaving, as a buyer I am so mad that it took me ages to compare prices for some special ribbons I wanted to buy, only to give up in the end and say sod it, I really can't be bothered with all that shopping cart crap to compare shipping costs. 

I don't rant often in public, but this has really upset me. Nobody knows how long this testing will last, it has been going on for days already. 

Sigh, so there you go, you may be able to see shipping costs etc, you may not. I can only apologise for any confusion and frustration this may cause you.

Toodlepip xxx

Thursday, 15 May 2014

New treasures in the shop

I have no idea why it takes me so long to list anything, I am sure everybody else out there does their stuff so much faster. I photograph, I edit, I wrap, I package up, I weigh, I write the listing, and I suppose I do get a little sidetracked occasionally. Quite often, actually. By my doggies, by shopping, by preparing meals, and by reading blogs as well!

Here are the latest little French treasures to make an appearance in the shop -

Set of 8 baking tins -

Gorgeous silver plate filigree bowl -

Cute vintage hot water bottle/bed warmer/foot warmer - SOLD
It has its own crocheted bed jacket!

Elegant bottle opener - SOLD

Romantic two handled trophy/marriage/loving cup - SOLD

Beautiful religious plaque signed by the two artists ( plaque/surround )

The sweetest little Lourdes souvenir -

And last but not least my most precious find, these are just soooooo gorgeous, magnificent 19th Century gilt curtain rings - ALL SOLD

Amongst the things which went before I had a chance to do a blog post were 2 matching tins - BOTH TINS SOLD

I won't tease you with anything else you have missed, lol. ;-).

But I will try and list a few more things very very soon.

Toodlepip xxx