I want to make buying from me as easy as possible, and therefore I am listing everything in my Etsy shop now. Easier to add the different shipping costs, no chance of me not removing a bought item and somebody else trying to buy it, etc etc. So from time to time I will use this blog to show you the new things I have listed, to keep you up to date.

Friday, 10 April 2015

News from France

Not good news, I'm afraid. It appears that the French Post has completely abolished small packages, and anything thicker than 3cm ( just over an inch ) has to be sent by parcel post. So, even if a little package only weighs 100 grams, if it is thicker than 3cm it will now costs 23.70 Euros, which is absolutely crazy. There is an option to apply for their professional, online, service, which I believe still has small packages, but for that one has to be a registered professional seller in France, and of course I only send a few packages when we are at the cottage for a couple of months so that doesn't apply to me. Sob, sob.

So, I will be listing very few things whilst we are here in France, only items which are thinner than 3cm ( packaged ) and everything else will have to wait until I am back in the UK in June. I am so sad, because I have already found some lovely pieces at the brocantes which are thicker than 3cm.

I will be showing some of the brocante finds on my main blog, of course, but that might take me a few more days, lol, too many friends to visit, 'apero' to host and at long last sunshine to enjoy whilst gardening.

Toodlepip xxx

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Three new additions

This is all I had time for today.

A set of 12 ornate antique French pewter tea spoons -

A rather special 19th Century tea caddy with beautiful oriental images -

And this delicate little carved bone needle case, which was made to hang on a chatelaine -

Toodlepip xx

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

5 listings

I have put another 5 items in my Etsy shop, quite an eclectic mix :-).

The last set of these fabulous vintage French towels, monogram D C -

Another set of vintage French towels, different kind of red stripes, monogram C G -

A pair of ornate heavy quality antique French curtain tie backs -

A piece of WW2 French trench art in the form of a cigarette dispenser -

And last but not least this super cute vintage French bunny shaped baking form -

I hope to be back tomorrow! Toodlepip xxx

Monday, 2 March 2015

New listings

Nope, not going to say anything at all about my absence, lol, just showing you some new listings -

I listed another antique French stamp roller with 4 stamps -

and a set of 4 different roller stamps, either for your new or existing stamp roller or just to toss into a bowl because they look great -

I am finally ready to part with this beautiful antique French religious bar brooch, with a Madonna and Child medal -

Ornate antique French upholstery tacks. Two sets have already gone, only two sets left -

Another pair of dainty vintage French crochet gloves -

A vintage French rosary -

A gorgeous vintage French blue glass jewelry or trinket box -

And this very pretty vintage French silver plate extending trivet/pot stand -

More to come tomorrow! :-) Toodlepip xxx

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

After a long absence...

... I am finally getting some listings done again.

I listed these gorgeous French glass buttons, they are the nicest I have seen in a long time -

A wide vintage French satin ribbon in the most delicious shade of green -

The prettiest vintage French pink and gold swag trim - SOLD

The most amazing carved mother of pearl and abelone Bethlehem cross - SOLD

I also listed this beautiful Madonna, but it sold straight away and is going to a very beautiful new home in Oz -

Thats all for today, but I will try very hard to list some more tomorrow!

Toodlepip xxx

Monday, 19 January 2015

Quick update

Well, it had to happen of course, life has a habit of interfering with the best laid plans. Sick hubby, middle son's 30th birthday, baby sitting, rotten weather, they all contributed. Couldn't get any new listings done. Sob sob. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to, although now youngest son, who still lives at home, is coming down with the same rotten cold which floored hubby.

So here are just a few pics of what I did manage to photograph, and what will eventually appear in the shop -

Until tomorrow, hopefully, lol. Toodlepip xxx

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Today's three are......

A Chalkware statue of St. Therese of Lisieux - SOLD

A simple vintage French brass mission cross pendant -

Gorgeous French chocolate box covered in the prettiest rose pattern fabric - SOLD

Toodlepip xxx

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Saturday listings

FOUR! I managed 4 listings today! Here are the lovely new treasures which were listed in the shop today -

A pair of vintage French hemp linen towels with blue stripes - SOLD

Blue and white porcelain drawer pulls/knobs -

Gorgeous vintage French fabric covered glove box - SOLD

and this absolutely gorgeous antique French jewelry casket/trinket box decorated with chrysanthemums and dahlias -

Toodlepip xxx