Saturday, 28 January 2012

What does a girl do on a Saturday night?

She lists some more treasures, of course! The dogs are asleep on the settee, the husband is pretending to watch tv, but psst, don't tell, really he is asleep in the armchair :-). My muse is still on holiday, so I might as well be a good girl and do some listings.

These are the latest ones, which you can find in my Etsy store HERE -

The most gorgeous ART NOUVEAU small tray - now SOLD

Hand painted cafe au lait bowl- now SOLD

Sacred Heart Jesus Christ chalkware/plaster figure, very old, very chippy, but with a beautiful aura - now SOLD
The beautiful old statue is now SOLD

Collection of antique and vintage French lace and buttons incl MOP - SOLD, THANK YOU

Very unusual colour mix, pink and teal, tassel trim - SOLD, BUT MORE AVAILABLE

Another BIG bunch of 1970s lace
1970s lace is SOLD, but I will be listing a similar one soon

A PAIR of these beautiful 19th Century French linen towels - SOLD

During the summer, I came across some very interesting ephemera, a small bundle of 194os Ecuador post office papers for sending parcels. They have beautiful old stamps on the reverse, I suppose thats how the shipping costs were paid for. If the weather is good enough and gives me decent daylight, I'll photograph them tomorrow and list them. They are fascinating.

Until then, toodlepip xxx

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

All boxed up

Well, what can I say about vintage tins and boxes? They usually have the most delightful images, they are so pretty, and above all, they are functional and useful. Most of the tins I have found over the years were filled with buttons ( hurrah ), other sewing bits and pieces, and even screws and nails.

Sooo, the latest listings include these little darlings -

This beautiful glove box is SOLD, THANK YOU

The silver plated dressing table box is now SOLD, THANK YOU

Semoule tin is SOLD

Document box is SOLD

The fabulous repair kit tin is SOLD, THANK YOU
I'll be listing a few more later on tonight. Right now I need to get my darlings fed. No, not the dogs, lol, they have been fed already, I meant my DH and DS.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

In the pink

No idea why, but I felt PINK today, so I photographed some of my pink trims and laces and listed them. Maybe I have been thinking about Valentine's Day, or Rebecca's delicious Pink Hot Chocolate recipe, lol. Ah well, whatever the reason for my pinkness, here are some new listings -

Swag trim is SOLD

Pink toggle buttons are SOLD, THANK YOU

tape measure is SOLD, THANK YOU

Wide pink lace is SOLD, but more is available

Baby soft lace is SOLD, but I have a little more available

Listed in my Etsy shop HERE . Until the next time, toodlepip xxx