Friday, 1 April 2011

French Ticking Bundle, 12 antique and vintage pieces

Over the winter, I have been very careful about using the beautiful old French ticking fabrics, as there was no way of replenishing my stash. Now that the vide greniers season is getting closer in our area of France, I don't feel quite so bad about letting some pieces go. I am keeping my fingers crossed that during the summer I will be able to find some more pieces. Yes, you can buy brand new French ticking, but they cannot reproduce the soft feel of the old fabrics, the gentle signs of age, the light fading and the little blemishes, which make antique and vintage fabrics so desirable.

Of some of my treasured old ticking, I only have very small amounts left. But all the pieces I have included in this bundle are of good usable size.

Size of the pieces, from right to left in the above pic -

dark cornflower and ribbon pattern - 40 x 19 cm
red/beige stripe - 37 x 23 cm, some tiny rust spots
olive/off white stripe - 40 x 25 cm
red/grey floral stripe antique damask - 33 x 33 cm
light cornflower and ribbon pattern 0 35 x 31 cm
grey stripe - 40 x 30 cm
very light green/white stripe - 40 x 30 cm
pink rose damask - 39 x 36 cm
grey rose damask - 36 x 36 cm, faded along one side
beige floral striped - 43 x 34 cm
multi coloured stripe - 36 x 16 cm
dark blue/white thick stripe - 34 x 22 cm

All measurements are approximate.


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