Saturday, 7 May 2011

Original 19th C. Victorian Flower Scraps in Altered Envelopes

A couple of weeks ago I was really lucky to come across my very favourite gentleman ephemera seller at a boot fair. I had bought Victorian cards and scraps from him last year, and I was delighted with them, so of course I couldn't pass up this rare opportunity and purchased some more cards and scraps from him. He only turns up a couple of times a year.

The scraps are an absolute delight, they are tiny flower scraps, perfect for embellishing tags, cards, scrap books etc. I spent a couple of hours yesterday sorting them into different colour groups ( sigh, I know, completely crazy, lol ) and I realised I had more than I would probably ever use. I decided to put some up for sale. They are in fabulous condition and look as if they have not been used before, I can't see any glue or marks on the back. But of course, being over 100 years old, they are delicate, so I wondered how to keep them safe. Envelopes, of course! No sooner said than done, I had a bunch of envelopes embellished and ready to keep the little collections of Victorian scraps safe.

Each lovingly embellished little envelope holds 15 small Victorian scraps in various sizes. And here they are -

VicSRo -

15 beautiful small Victorian scraps, roses - VicSRo - £ 3.75, intl. shipping £1.80 ( UK refund £ 0.80 )


VicSB -


VicSP -

VicSY -

VicSW -


VicSO -

Contents may vary very slightly from the one shown, as may the embellished envelopes. I hope you love them just as much as I do!

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Hi! It was so fun to see your comment and that you thought about me while at the flea market. Thanks so very much for your kind words! Take care