Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I am amazed...

... that people have found me here already, as I haven't told anybody about this blog yet, lol. I just wanted to make sure that nobody else was tempted to use this name. BUT, having said that, I really do need to start listing all the beautiful vintage and antique treasures which have taken over every room in this house.

Thank you for your very encouraging comments, they are a bit like a lovingly delivered kick up the butt, lol, to get me going.

Perhaps I should at least mention some of the things which will make an appearance on here. There will be some
gorgeous 1930s/40s proper Eiderdowns ( qintessentially English ),
the most beautiful monogrammed 19th C French damask napkins ( sets of TWELVE ! ),
antique French nightdresses, bloomers and bedroom pretties like lace trimmed pillow cases, nightdress cases,
vintage linen, huckaback and damask towels ( French, German and English ), some lace trimmed and monogrammed/embroidered
fabulous antique and vintage French and English lace
deliciously floral vintage curtains, roses galore, utterly gorgeous
all kinds of vintage dress fabrics, mostly 60s and 70s, carefully saved from dresses collected many years ago
a whole galaxy of gorgeous doilies, traycloths, tablecloths, placemats
vintage ribbons
vintage and antique gloves
buttons, lots of lovely vintage buttons
precious morceaux of antique French fabrics

and lots and lots more

Have I whetted your appetites? Promise I won't keep you in suspense much longer. I'll start listing as soon as we get back from France.


Lace hearts said...

Oh goodness, I can't wait to see pictures!
Yep, I remembered soups after I'd posted. We love thick homemade soups. I do think the list is ridiculous... though I love the stuff on it. There's so much more.
We had pancake pie tonight. Haha. Kids loved it.

Torie Jayne said...

Hi, I can't wait to see all your treasures, Have a sweet day!

Rebecca said...

Exciting for us, sad for you.

Sandra Evertson said...

Looks like it will be a fabulous blog! Welcome!
Sandra Evertson

June said...

Wow it sounds beautiful. I cant wait
hugs June xxx

June said...

Hi Liz, is there any chance of you adding a (add to follow ) gizmo on here please ? then we can see whats new when you post
hugs June

TinyBear said...

Hej Liz
Thank you so much for visiting over at my place and for entering my giveaway.
happy New year :D
~ Tina

vicki said...

Your blogs (both of them ) are delightful! You have so many varied interests - it will be great fun to follow along on your blogging ventures! I certainly plan to stay in touch with you here!

Thank you for visiting my blog also - and for leaving such a nice comment regarding my knitted bird nest give away. I had NO idea they would be so popular.

Stay Warm---
Vicki (2 Bags Full---)