Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Any minute now, lol

This is far more difficult than I had thought. I have soooooo many things, I just don't know where to start. I am in such a huge mess now because I have been pulling out boxes from everywhere, emptying them, going through stuff, and I am still none the wiser, lol, as to what to show you gals first.

The weather hasn't helped much either. I really don't like taking photos with flash, but it has been so grey and horribly dark all the time, taking photos has been somewhat of a challenge. I have taken some pics, of a few little things, which I will post tomorrow, I promise faithfully, and I'll try and organise the blog so that you can find things easily.

I would really really love it though, if you could let me know the kind of things you are interested in. Really, it would help me so much just getting started, if I knew for example that you really liked buttons, or vintage dresses, or curtains, or rose fabrics, or french antique nighties etc etc etc. Vintage books? Lace? Just ask and I'll see whether I have something in one of these millions of boxes.

I have photographed a really stunning 1950s curtain fabric, it is sooo fab, a very romantic rose pattern curtain pair with tie backs, ooh, a gorgeous valanced quilted bedspread with the sweetest rose pattern ( and matching pillow sham ), buttons, candy stripe pillow cases and a few other things. Does that sound like your cup of tea? No? Then tell me what your cup of tea is, lol!

Until tomorrow then, gulp. xx

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June said...

Yes sounds gorgeous !!! I wish i could use them in my designs for my Dezinaworld blog but i just really enjoy looking at them i dont have room to keep many beautiful things as i have a one bedroom flat and its full already with my art stuff and there is my hubby to consider so its nice to come and see your beautiful things
hugs June xxx