Saturday, 1 October 2016

Back in the UK with a car load of treasures

Six months in France ( with just one week in the UK for a number of appointments ) and my blogging has suffered severely. I have hardly been on the computer all that time. But, now I am back in the UK and I brought back a lot of my collected treasures which had been gracing the cottage for a while. I will be listing lots of them over the next 4 weeks until we go back to France again. Here are a few which have just gone into the shop -

Ornate antique French wall hook, gilt bronze grapevines - RESERVED

French Art Deco salad servers, boxed and in great condition -

Unusual vintage French Holy Water font in pewter - SOLD

I also dipped into my collection of antique and vintage tea strainers ( I do love a cup of tea ). 
This first one is quite a rare antique French swivel action tea strainer with drip tray - SOLD

Love the multi petal flower shape of this antique French tea strainer - SOLD

Vintage French (1930s) in-spout tea strainer - SOLD

This is a fabulous 19th Century folding pocket corkscrew made by a village blacksmith from heavy iron -

Aaah, this is the sweetest little antique French bronze 'vide poche' ( literally empty pocket ), a tiny tray to put loose coins, tickets etc onto when you get home -

Another rare piece, the only one of its kind I have ever found at the brocantes in all these years since we had the cottage, a vintage enamelware/graniteware lunch pail, which converts into a cooking pot. A 1940s camping gadget, I think :-) -

More to come tomorrow! Thanks for looking, toodlepip xxx

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Dorthe said...

Beautiful and amazing finds, dear Liz, -fantastic there are still so much to find, ...I know there are so many from rest of Europe heading to France in summertime, to buy and bring home to antic shops, and this have gone on for so many years. But I can see you have no difficulty in finding wonderful ,pieces, of all kinds .
Xoxo, Dorthe