Thursday, 28 July 2016

New listings

I have not listed much in the shop since we got to the cottage in March. Anything over 3cm thick has to be sent as a 1kg package from France, which is very expensive. Even if it only weighs 100gr, it would cost 23.70Euros! So, I am only listing tiny things from France, and the rest of the things from my collections I have sorted out for listing will have to wait until I get back to the UK :-(. I did list a handful of items when we were in the UK for a week for appointments a while back, and as always, my son will post them out for me. Some are already sold, but here are a few which are in the shop right now -

Another one of my fabric covered chocolate boxes, lovely oval shape and such a sweet country scene -

Victorian/Edwardian Salad Serving Set, boxed and in excellent condition -

Mid Century French cake server and forks set, excellent condition and so pretty with those faux MOP handles. Boxed set - SOLD

I have a large collection of antique and vintage French benitiers and these velvet ones are amongst my most treasured pieces. They are both huge, much bigger than the ones I usually come across.
This is the green velvet benitier - SOLD

And this is the most gorgeous and ornate deep red velvet benitier - SOLD

Staying with red, this is a vintage Scaferlati tin in unusually good condition - SOLD

Superb set of 12 silver plated WMF knife rests, boxed and in excellent condition SOLD -

Three antique French 19th Century spindles, beautifully tactile turned wood -

Large olive stone rosary -

Vintage French rosary with milkglass beads in the most delightful shades of rose pink - SOLD

Vintage Fench religious plaque - SOLD

Got to have a bit of ephemera in the shop as well, lol, so here are three vintage French Paris-Medoc notebooklets - SOLD but 1 more set available

I keep having to add more sets of these vintage French turned wooden finials as well, they are proving so popular - lots of sets SOLD already, but more available

Large vintage French nuns' pectoral cross, silver metal and wood -

Superb quality antique French metal thread lace, made for priests' vestments, very suitable for period clothing projects. Rich yellow gold colour - ALL SOLD

19th Century Napoleon III pectoral nuns cross -

Thats it for now. Thanks for looking. Toodlepip xxx


Dorthe said...

Oh Liz, it is amazing what you can find, in your other "fatherland" .
So many fabulous pieces, of all kinds, and the Benetier`s are gorgeous, and so very beautiful.
You talking about postage in France ,I wonder what will happen when UK leaves EU, I`m sure there will, then, be duty of all goods from England, also.
That will be so expensive for the rest of EU to buy for more than a very little amount, without having to pay the duty , if it will be the same as buying from USA :-(((
Hope you enjoy your coming weekend, dear friend. xox

Betsy said...

Such beautiful items! Yummy for a Christmas tree skirt!