Saturday, 8 November 2014

Custom Order

Today was my granddaughter Grace's birthday party, so it was a very busy day taking photos, helping a little with the preps, watching the kids all have such fun etc.

I only had time to get an order ready to be posted this morning, and prepare a custom listing this evening. A whole big bunch of my cute little French escargot pots are going to a restaurant in Australia!

I have tons of party  photos to edit this evening, and I am way too tired to stay up really late to do some more listings, but I'll make up for it tomorrow. FOUR listings at least. There, I said it, lol.

Toodlepip xxx

1 comment:

Dorthe said...

Oh my ! Liz.... that was a lot to promice ...LOL...
I`m sure you should be resting today, after such a bussy yesterday! I know how it is attending birthdays with our grandchildren- having an eye on every finger, and playing and laughing all day!! Not much energy left !!!! hehehe.
Congratulations with the sale to the Australien restaurant dearest- JUUHUUU for you!! Well done Liz.
Hugs from here,- I managed a few hours out there in the flea-humble bumble area !!
Kisses, Dorthe