Wednesday, 10 June 2015

New on the shelves

I am trying, really I am, lol, but preparing a listing takes soooo long, from photographing and editing, measuring, packaging, weighing, to writing the descriptions, so I only managed to list 7 new items today. But, I also got to deliver an order in person, as the purchaser lived just a few minutes from me! Anyhoo, here are today's 7 listings -

My favourite today, this antique sewing collection in beautiful neutral colours - SOLD

White and grey marble Holy Water font - SOLD

1924 medical student's 1st semester diary / journal by Houde - SOLD

Ornate antique French iron coat hook -

Antique French priest's travel altar cross - SOLD

Enamel candlestick/chamberstick, white with blue rim - SOLD

Enamel candlestick/chamberstick in a gorgeous sky blue colour - SOLD

Fabulously ornate vintage sugar or ice tongs - SOLD

Ok, so I can't count, lol, I just realised there are 8 new listings. More to come tomorrow.

Toodlepip xxx

1 comment:

Dorthe said...

So much to love here, dear Liz, the book, and the sewing collection , and the traveling cross, so much different beauty, to enjoy.
I send you smiles, and loving hugs.