Friday, 10 April 2015

News from France

Not good news, I'm afraid. It appears that the French Post has completely abolished small packages, and anything thicker than 3cm ( just over an inch ) has to be sent by parcel post. So, even if a little package only weighs 100 grams, if it is thicker than 3cm it will now costs 23.70 Euros, which is absolutely crazy. There is an option to apply for their professional, online, service, which I believe still has small packages, but for that one has to be a registered professional seller in France, and of course I only send a few packages when we are at the cottage for a couple of months so that doesn't apply to me. Sob, sob.

So, I will be listing very few things whilst we are here in France, only items which are thinner than 3cm ( packaged ) and everything else will have to wait until I am back in the UK in June. I am so sad, because I have already found some lovely pieces at the brocantes which are thicker than 3cm.

I will be showing some of the brocante finds on my main blog, of course, but that might take me a few more days, lol, too many friends to visit, 'apero' to host and at long last sunshine to enjoy whilst gardening.

Toodlepip xxx


Kelly Deal said...

That stinks Liz! I swear, even here in the states, it's becoming more expensive and difficult to ship anything. So ridiculous!

Laura Quaglia (Fun With This and That) said...

I did order from you I love thing from French
I like to visit your blog it is so different from where I live
Hope you have a fun week end

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

This is so is crazy here too. I wanted to mail a birthday card and the embellishments were to high to go thru their scan...was to be over $21 I took it home redid it to be flat and was still $7.. Even in the States a box can be over $88 from state to state. I need to find someone travelling to take a large box to my son...SOME companies will not even ship to APO military bases...I told him to quit ordering from them . Takes the fun out of a lot of areas in my life. Rant over... !!! Loving our sunshine. ENjoy.