Monday, 19 January 2015

Quick update

Well, it had to happen of course, life has a habit of interfering with the best laid plans. Sick hubby, middle son's 30th birthday, baby sitting, rotten weather, they all contributed. Couldn't get any new listings done. Sob sob. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to, although now youngest son, who still lives at home, is coming down with the same rotten cold which floored hubby.

So here are just a few pics of what I did manage to photograph, and what will eventually appear in the shop -

Until tomorrow, hopefully, lol. Toodlepip xxx


suziqu's thread works said...

Oh Dear you poor thing with those nasty colds around you. Poor Andy I think it wasn't long ago since he had that awful one in France.
I love everything here Liz. Oh the Virgin PLEASE think of me - is she the one for me???
Take care and rest plenty so you don't succumb to that cold too.
Early morning hugs,
Suzy xox

Dorthe said...

Oh my dear, poor Liz , and your husbond, too- how awful, I hope it is not a scary longtime one, my friend. Take care of yourself that you will not come down with it, too- and send wishes for a quick healing to Andy and your son.
I love the Virgin ,too , so understand Suzy wants it, and the wonderful embroidered handkerchief holder ?

Hugs to you my friend... I`m off to see Nadja and Mathilde on a girls weekend..
Dorthe- xo