Tuesday, 6 January 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And a new listing resolution

Firstly, I would like to wish you all a happy, healthy and successful 2015. 

The shop got really busy before Christmas, which was great, of course, and I am so grateful to all my wonderful customers. It meant though that I had very little time for preparing new listings. But this is a new year and time to start properly again. I haven't made any new year resolutions other than just the one on here - to list three new items every day. From now on, lol, because me being me, I missed the first few days :-).

I did list a few things in the shop over the last couple of days, a few of which have already sold. Here are the new ones which are available -

A pair of really special antique French postcards with antique German glass glitter - 

A pair of vintage French crochet lace gloves - SOLD

Gorgeous antique French Valentines card with two cherubs and Paris address - SOLD

Antique French Holy communion bow armband - SOLD

I also listed another textile art inspiration kit as the first one was sold - ALL THREE KITS ARE SOLD

Tomorrow I'll be listing a few Valentines related pieces, sweet little heart shaped boxes and tiny trays. Stay tuned :-).

Toodlepip xxx

1 comment:

Dorthe said...

Hello sweetie,
And Happy New Year to you, also here, :-)
Whom wouldn`t have a wonderful year ,-having all these beautiful old pieces to look at -the cards are all so wonderful, and the bow-armband is gorgeous. Love your material pack, too dear Liz,-
I will not answer your comment on my blog- tehehehehehehehehehe....
Hugs to you and a kiss ,Dorthe