Sunday, 16 November 2014

It is Sunday, so just one

I do want to keep going with listing every day, but today I spent most of the day making a bunch of customer tags. I had run out completely! I'll show them on my Lalaland blog soon :-). And it is Sunday, so I am taking it a bit easier today. The only thing I listed today is this really nice set of 6 vintage French door finger plates - SOLD

Toodlepip, xxx

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Dorthe said...

Ofcourse you have to relax on sundayes, my dear Liz,- not too much work, as we need piece and quiet, in between !! We are not 18 years ,anymore, lol.
What is a finger plate, I have to ask, even it makes me kind of ignorant ?
They looks beautiful,- and it is fantastic , for you, to have so much to do, packing and sending..I`m so happy for you!!!
Hugs and kiss