Thursday, 15 May 2014

New treasures in the shop

I have no idea why it takes me so long to list anything, I am sure everybody else out there does their stuff so much faster. I photograph, I edit, I wrap, I package up, I weigh, I write the listing, and I suppose I do get a little sidetracked occasionally. Quite often, actually. By my doggies, by shopping, by preparing meals, and by reading blogs as well!

Here are the latest little French treasures to make an appearance in the shop -

Set of 8 baking tins - 1 SET SOLD, 1 SET AVAILABLE

Gorgeous silver plate filigree bowl -

Cute vintage hot water bottle/bed warmer/foot warmer - SOLD
It has its own crocheted bed jacket!

Elegant bottle opener - SOLD

Romantic two handled trophy/marriage/loving cup - SOLD

Beautiful religious plaque signed by the two artists ( plaque/surround )

The sweetest little Lourdes souvenir -

And last but not least my most precious find, these are just soooooo gorgeous, magnificent 19th Century gilt curtain rings - ALL SOLD

Amongst the things which went before I had a chance to do a blog post were 2 matching tins - BOTH TINS SOLD

I won't tease you with anything else you have missed, lol. ;-).

But I will try and list a few more things very very soon.

Toodlepip xxx

1 comment:

Dorthe said...

wonderful finds dear Liz,-
and I don`t think you are slow in posting, I know there are so much to do before the goods are ready to post !!
YES the curtain rings are stunning !!!
Hugs and a happy weekend to you !
Dorthe, xx