Monday, 9 September 2013

Last listings from France

Yes, we are going back to the UK for a few weeks! Here are the latest listings in my Etsy shop -

Beautiful statue of the Virgin Mary - SOLD

Some more vintage French button cards. White buttons -

Purple buttons on original card -

French expanding trivet/pot stand -

Lovely old Bergamotes de Nancy tin - SOLD

Double sided Art Deco Lourdes/Virgin Mary - SOLD

Weird and wonderful 'mouchette Bebe' - SOLD

Two Bistro kitchen sugar/salt/flour shakers, great industrial look - SOLD

Cast iron enamelled antique soap dish - SOLD

The sweetest OOAK handmade antique French baby shoe - SOLD

A selection of professional quality French patisserie baking forms.
Savarins - SOLD. more available

Cone/horn shaped baking forms - SOLD

Oval tart tins - SOLD. more available

Round petit gateau tins - SOLD

A sweet sewing kit, Souvenir de Strasbourg - SOLD

Antique French pince nez, great for Halloween vignettes - SOLD

I will be listing a few other things tonight and tomorrow, but that will be it then for a few days, until we are back in the UK and I have had a chance to adjust all the listings again.

Toodlepip  xxx


Dorthe said...

So beautiful, and great finds again, my dearest Liz.
And oh yes, that bèbè shoe is the most lovely little piece of a shoe.But so many other amazing things ,like the madonna, -the pot stand- shakers, soap dish .................I will not go on-lol- but just say I love it all--and wish you a good evening and a healtphy sleep my friend!!
Love from Dorthe

Rhonda said...

Sigh, wish I could buy them ALL. I've got to be good for a bit. sigh