Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Finally, treasures from the French cottage!

Yep, I have finally gotten my act together, talked to the very pleasant post office lady in Toulon ( much nicer than our usual post office in Luzy ) and I think I got it all straight now. I have started listing some of my recent finds on Etsy and just put a note on each listing regarding the shipping from France and possible tracking and insurance.

Want to see what has gone into the shop so far? Of course there are still about a million things to come, lol, but it is a start -

A sweet little girl's pair of gloves, beautifully crocheted - SOLD

A set of six napkins/serviettes with a gorgeous monogram L M - SOLD

The wonderfully patriotic red, white and blue buttons - SOLD

Delicate little white milk glass buttons - SOLD

A set of two PARIS CHIC button cards, one pink, one blue - SOLD

The most amazing cuff buttons on a very pretty card -

Antique Pharmacy/Apothecary snake bite kit! - SOLD

Shabby chic white enamelled soap dish - SOLD

Pair of red striped kitchen/tea towels, so very French - ALL SOLD

Figure of Christ on wooden pedestal -

Absolutely gorgeous (faux?) tortoiseshell inlaid with brass powder compact-

You can check the details in my Etsy shop HERE.

I'll be listing more over the next few days. Until then, toodlepip xxx

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