Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Splash of colour on a very grey day

It is such a miserable day here with grey skies, drizzly rain and cold winds that I need a splash of colour in my life. Don't we all at times? I decided to list a few lovely old French enamelware items in my Etsy shop today, I felt much better after looking at all those bright colours -

vintage French coffee pot, red enamelware - SOLD

vintage French cafetiere, yellow enamelware - SOLD

Vintage French coffee pot, blue and white speckle graniteware -

Vintage French coffee pot, white and blue marbled enamelware - SOLD

Vintage English scales, fabulous blue enamel -

Bought in France, made in Germany blue alarm clock - 

French fabric covered chocolate box -

Vintage French grater - SOLD

The most delightful English silver plated, beautifully decorated flatware, cutlery - SOLD

Vintage French dark green and black enamelware lunch pail -SOLD

Vintage French lunch pail, rich yellow with white speckles outside, dark brown and white speckles inside, dark brown lid - SOLD

THE most precious antique French window shutter holders, so difficult to find -

LOL, seems like I got a bit carried away, a few other things crept in as well. I'll be listing these a little bit later after dinner.

Toodlepip xxx

Oh well, I have to decided to let go of a few more of those fabulous French parcel carry handles as well, they'll be going into the shop later on as well - ALL SOLD


Dorthe said...

Hi dear Liz!
What wonderful collection of coffe pots- and the scale-is gorgeous,love that colour!The cutlery is so beautiful and I love the window shutter holders- you find so many fantastic pieces all over, -you are a very clever collector, dear friend.
I so hope for you, that the weather on both sides of the Canal will soon be better- so you can get out finding more pretties, and beauties :-)
Love and hugs.

Rhonda said...

You do tickle my shopping addiction, lol. Love all of your finds, sweet friend. Now, how much money do I have left in my paypal???? Hmmm?

Anni - Fabric and Mixed Media Art said...

Oh Liz all these coffee pots are wonderful, love the scale - I collect scales, have about forty around about in my house.
Hugs Anni

Anonymous said...

It's true...even ME....the woman who swears by neutrals...needs a good dose of colour now and again!

speaking of enamel ware.....I just found a WHITE Pasta cooking pot at a local thrift shop a few days ago....can't bear to part with it!

off to peek into your shop.

ciao bella
creative carmelina