Thursday, 29 December 2011

Silk and Silver and Springtime trims

I haven't listed anything for a few weeks, but I have started again now, and will try to add one or two things every day. Could make that my New Year's resolution, I suppose. Once again, I am listing these things on Etsy, because it is so much fairer to you all. On the blog, I can't take off bought items when I am not around, with Etsy, any bought item disappears instantly, so there can't be any mistakes and disappointments.

Starting with the SILK of the blog title, this is the most exquisite silk and silk embroidery handkerchief , perfect for a wedding handkerchief -

Silk handkerchief is SOLD

Next, the SILVER, an antique ornate WMF silver plated two handled chalice/cup

WMF cup is SOLD

And the SPRINGTIME trims? Here they are, delicious ice creamy Spring colours - SOLD. but more available

I have also listed a few other things. This is a rather sweet velvet and silver metal souvenir from Lourdes, I would think from the 1950s -

A fabulous 1922 Blue Guides Muirhead's Paris and Its Environs, incredibly informative and with a wealth of fold out maps - SOLD

Two vintage enameled blue and white French house numbers, one with square corners, one with rounded corners -

Both house numbers are SOLD

Yeoman silver plate George V 1930s Art Deco cocktail shaker, " The Bomb " -

Cocktail shaker is SOLD

Very tactile 19th Century French double sided folding ruler/measuring stick -

Folding ruler is SOLD

and lastly, another BIG bundle of 1970s German lace -

German 70s lace is SOLD, but I will be listing more.

They are listed HERE in my Etsy shop. I hope you see something you like.

Toodlepip xxx

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Dorthe said...

Hi my dear Liz,
such many wonderful new items,
I`m happy to see you have posted all those treasures.
Love and hugs,Dorthe