Monday, 7 June 2010

Antique French Monogrammed Sheet

I dislike polycotton bedlinen immensely. There is nothing like using proper cotton or linen sheets to keep the skin breathing properly. Linen is definitely my favourite, so cool to sleep under in the summer for example.

Thats why I love French bedlinen so much. Often the sheets are pure linen, hand loomed and beautifully monogrammed. Sometimes the old sheets are a linen/cotton mix (metis ), but it is only the more modern sheets which are just cotton.

This sheet is probably from the early part of the last century as it is a whole sheet, not made up of two parts. It has a large monogram ( 10cm, 4" approx ) and a beautiful drawn thread hem. There are a few broken threads
but that easily fixed. The quality is really lovely, with a firm weave and beautifully softened by many many washes.

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